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If you’re a parent who has just been told you need to purchase a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) – either a laptop or a tablet – for your school or you’re wondering what your school does and what your options are, you’re in the right place!

Most schools, now, are implementing the option for children to bring their own device to school. The benefits include:

  • Using a computer that your child already knows how to use
  • Ensuring your child has the most up to date device, which may not be the case at school, as devices quickly date
  • Being able to take the device home for homework

However, some schools are picking the BYOD device that parents should purchase based on the technology, systems and infrastructure they already have at the school.

Whatever, the situation we thought we’d let you know that in the US, Chromebooks (a laptop which runs Google’s operating system) now account for more than half of all devices sold in classroom.

The reason for this is:

  • There’s a much lower price point (starting at $350 per device)
  • There are specific models which are very robust and can withstand dropping
  • They are safe and secure
  • The school can get bulk discounts through us at My Mate Chrome and all parents need to do is buy via our website and the device will already be pre-configured for your school network and ready to use immediately

So if you’re not keen on spending $2,000+ on a new laptop we suggest you send your Principal to us where we can have a quick chat and see if Chromebooks are the way forward for the school.

Trust us, with every other school and parent we’ve worked with have thanked us for reducing this extra cost and you’ll be most popular parent at school pick up!

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