Are you a teacher?

Are you a teacher?

We believe it takes more than tools to make a classroom special, it takes a teacher.

At My Mate Chrome, we work with teachers all over the country who are struggling to decide on which tech solutions are right for their schools, classrooms and individual students.

We understand the pressures teachers are under every day and it’s coming at you from all directions.

We can help you deal with some of this ‘noise’ so that you can get on with what you love doing, while we help you with your tech.


  • Setting up an assignment for your class with a click of a button and then watching all the assignments coming in, in real time.
  • Grade quickly and easily by sorting student’s names
  • Not standing at the photocopier and wasting hundreds of trees in the process!
  • Create content, using clips from across the internet, and post it, with students able to access it from anywhere (no more excuses!)
  • Students who can quickly instant message you if they have a question rather than having to wait a week
  • Creating class discussions and getting everyone joining in, even the quieter members
  • Co-teaching with up to 20 other teachers across the world
  • Running quick polls to students and viewing the results quickly and easily
  • Pushing content straight to students screens

These are just some of the benefits of Google Classroom:

And with the use of the cost-effective Chromebooks it is no wonder that classrooms around the world are quickly being transformed by GSuite for Education – whether that’s via Chromebooks, Google Classroom, Chromecasts or the new Google Jamboard.

This new technology will completely revolutionise your classroom and release more time for you. And this is just the beginning.

At My Mate Chrome, we’re the only Google Partner offering a service-based offering to schools. This means we don’t just lump you with the technology, but support you and your colleagues as you get to know how to use it.

We’re passionate about helping upskill the next generation and supporting schools in doing this. This is why we’re offering a free half hour Education Discovery Session where you can ask us all about Google products and we can tell you all about how Google is transforming classrooms across the country and why you should join the movement!

Enroll Now for Education Discovery Session

This includes:

  • A Discussion with one of our experts who can tell you about:
  • How GSuite for Education works
  • How much Chromebooks are and the benefits of using this
  • What the benefits are of using Goolge products compared to Apple and Microsoft
  • And take any questions from you


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